Get Set for School &
Handwriting Power

Writing can be a struggle at home and in school for your child, let us help them learn the skills they need to be a successful student. From fine motor exercises to developmental activities, and visual processing adventurous games; your child will improve significantly in handwriting. We use Handwriting Without Tears program to fuel their brains with the necessary skills each child needs to succeed.

SuperFlex Social Group



Playgroups are fun especially when they help your child learn the social interaction skills he or she needs to participate in group settings. With SuperFlex, we assist them to learn to defeat the villains that interrupt the fun while building on the skills they have yet to unleash. Your child will gain the skills he or she needs to participate and be an active member during cooperative games.

Lunch Bunch


While feeding difficulties can create barriers on family gatherings and outings, we provide a group setting that promotes independence and curiosity with food. This is a sensory nutritional feeding group using the using an oral sensory approach as well as fun games to increase appropriate nutritional food choices. We help all children see the positives in food while becoming food detectives using all of their senses. 


Being A Good Friend

Our group is based on the Incredible Flexible You social thinking curriculum. We will help our little learners know the social skills needed during their primary occupation of "play." During the group, your child will become flexible social thinkers and social problem solvers by knowing the correct body language to display and using verbal language concepts to handle his or her social settings.